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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A rainy morning with a major winter storm brewing!

Outside my kitchen window is grey and dull with raindrops on the window and a light covering of snow on the ground.  A major Winter storm is brewing here in Wisconsin with the temp at 32 degrees to include rain sleet and a large amt of SNOW in the forecast for later in the day.  Inside I am warm and comfortable and EXCITED!  My move to Tennessee is becoming more real each day as I go thru my "STUFF" and pack.  Most of my "stuff" I'm putting in the "GARAGE/MOVING SALE!" box.  I am trying to pare down to the bare minimum of things to take with me.  Tuesday my youngest daughter came over to help me go thru the boxes in the garage and after 4 large boxes I have tagged 98% for the sale.  the bin under the table that I am keeping is only 1/4 full.  I feel very proud of myself.  I have found some treasures in the boxes.  One is a lovely white porcelain Tea Pot melter from Party light. I forgot I even had it, I'm keeping that of course.  Then I found some sculpting tools and finished pieces along with a lot of polymer clay!  I'll keep the tools and finished pieces and have tagged the clay for the sale.

Yeah!  Among the boxes filled with crafting items I found a basket filled with photo's of my kids/grand kids when they were younger!  I'm going to scan them 1st and then I would like to give them away to my children and grandchildren.  They were by far the best treasure yet.  3 boxes down out of many to go but at least it is moving forward.

My living-room is becoming a bit more organized as I push thru it, tagging most of my stuff for the sale and boxing up others.  Yesterday I finished packing 2 boxes with Photos, etc and have 1/2 box filled - Whew! quite a job.  Last night I was up till 3am (only because I drank a cup of regular coffee from Quick Trip late in the early eve!  It was sooo good I couldn't put it down until it was all gone, knowing full well how caffeine affects me if I drink it later in the afternoon.

I did take a nice little break yesterday afternoon and went over to the community Ctr and played cards with my friends for a little while... 

Well I better eat my breakfast late lunch right now and get dressed I'm supposed to go to a buffet lunch with my retired friends from Church. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What a nice week it has been

Zuri learning how to use the Rotary Cutter Safely.

It's been a lovely week with my Granddaughter Zuri visiting Sunday we had supper at my daughter Beth's house, Monday we slept in late, had pancakes for breakfast/brunch then went out to the store and came home and had steak, potatoes and broccoli for supper & watched the long Island Medium.  Today we went downtown to my quilting group and she helped me cut squares for a baby rag quilt I'm making, had Subs for lunch and came home and watched movies, "Despicable me 2, Saving Mr Banks & Frozen then watched the little couple on TV - a nice "Movie Night".  Ate pot pies for dinner and snacked on pears, apples and cinnamon rolls.  Tomorrow we will go down to the Willow River Creative Ctr to work on making fused pendants then its time to pack up and take her home & Honey Home so when Mom and Dad arrive she will be there. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's a bright sunny and Chilly Sunday Morning

This is the Small Mug Rug I finished for my Granddaughter Echo.
I am so glad the sun is out today.  It is still  very cold her in Wisconsin, - 13 and that doesn't include the windchill.  There is a Wind Chill advisory out till the afternoon... Brrr - I'm so glad that I am inside nice and warm and safe.  I looked out my window this morning and saw fresh deer prints stretching across the side yard in the direction of my front porch.  I bet the deer was out looking for something to nibble at but the snow here is so deep all the shrubs are covered. 

I plan on working in my Studio today making more "You Have My Heart" blocks.  I made 3 already and sent one to my granddaughter Echo as a present for her 6th Birthday, (I included a small Doll and a hair bow along with a packet of hot chocolate).  I am enjoying paper piecing these blocks. Today I want to do one in Greens for March.

I also downloaded the paper pieced pattern for the March Paper Pieced Postcard BOM for my FB Quilting group so I will work on that today. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Sunday Morning - Sunshine and Blue Skies

Today holds the promise of a new day.  The sun is out and shining brightly on last weeks snow and the skies area a shade of light blue the thermometer on my computer screen reads 5 degrees.  Yes it is cold here in Wisconsin today. Each morning I look out my bathroom window as I do my exercises to see how the weather is, (see the picture below for the view from my bathroom window.)  The snow mounds in my back yard, (put there by the fellow who plows our road and driveways here at Heritage Cottages,) are covered in clean white snow and the small tree that was burdened with the heavy snow is now only lightly coated thanks to the whipping winds that come off of highway 35 as the cars travel 2 and from their destinations.  The Pines that line the edge of the property also are still covered in heavy snow giving them a "Post Card" look.  There are no deer or rabbit tracks in the snow today - it's just too cold. Boy! those animals are smart - they are staying under deep cover where they can be warm and dry.  That's OK the stalks from my flower bushes along side my patio are covered fully now with over 3' of snow on them due to the drifts of snow.  My Patio furniture and grill are huddling under a tarp that looks like a snow drift itself.   I just love it when it is this clean and white outside, don't you?  Here are the pictures taken on Thursday when we had blizzard like snowfall all day.
The View from my bathroom window 

The view from my Kitchen Window

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yeah! the weather has broke!

February Postcard  BOM Block # 1
My Russian Doll Applique
The Peace Dove
Yeah! I was able to go to my bible study group this am ... the Temp is 25 degrees above zero today no snow and minimal wind.  I was able to get out of the house for a short time to enjoy time with friends.  Only 2 hrs out but such a great relief.  I even was able to use my shoes instead of my boots today... I could have gone out with the retired friends from church to our monthly get together but I thought I should take it easy so here I am back at home.  I will eat a light lunch, rest and maybe even sew a little today.... I am taking it a day at a time and trying to be gentle with myself.  It's been almost 2 1/2 weeks since surgery and i am sore but healing great!   I went to my follow-up appointment with the Nurse Practitioner and have been cleared to carry 20# now and in 4 weeks I can carry 30#'s, then 4 weeks later I can carry whatever I can handle.  I don't have to go back unless I have a problem and the nerve pain/discomfort should be back to normal in 3 - 4 months.  Yeah!  Well, now for lunch and then I will watch TV for a while and later work on my quilting projects....  My February BOM Postcard block for my Facebook Group - Quilting, and Mug Rugs for my Swap with Michelle at the quilting Gallery.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 days post op - home and healing

Today I'm 3 days post op from my back surgery.   I haven't been able to sit down at my sewing machine to quilt yet but I am definitely thinking about it which is a very good thing.  Monday I went in for surgery and when I woke up I found that I had to spend the night because I had developed a "leak" from a tear, not too bad but I had to be flat on my back till 6am in the morning.  Now I do not normally sleep on my back and spend less than 5 min on my back at a time so this was tantamount to torture.  so on Tuesday morning when they told me I could sit up and move around I was delighted.  I was hoping to go home that evening.  In the afternoon I was very dizzy with a stiff neck and a headache.  they determined that it was due to my pain med and that i needed to stay for another day... Oh my! but at least I could move around and sit on the chair to watch TV.  I arrived home yesterday afternoon before the snowstorm and got settled in.  I found that things were going to be ok, although I didn't feel up to sewing yet I could navigate my bed and home without too much discomfort.  I loaded my chairs with extra pillows, brought my iron patio chair with the arms in from the porch so I could sit at my kitchen table and retrieved my reacher so I would be able to pick up things off the floor without bending.  My daughter Beth stayed with me a while after I arrived home then my daughter Nan came over in the evening to help me with supper.  I went to bed early and slept well and found I could navigate around just using my cane.  I feel blessed by all the caring friends and family and many prayer warriors I have surrounding me.  Thank you Lord!  I really want to blog more but find I am not able to sit long at my desk so tomorrow is another day... maybe I'll be able to blog and put some pictures up.    

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm back on my blogs! yippeee!

Thanks JC & Max for helping me to figure out why i was unable to post on my blogspot blogs.  It took a while and Max was patient with me allowing me to catch up when i got lost.  but now I am back on and so glad.  It has been a difficult week or two of posting from my tablet. sometimes not being able to post pictures, (which are a big part of my post's).  So now I can get back up to speed and work on my projects.  So Thank you Max and JC! I am ever grateful.