Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's a beautiful Morning!

What a lovely morning outside.  The birds are chirping loudly, the rain has stopped for a while and it is cool outside.  I took my yogurt and banana outside and sat by my little table to eat.  I love watching the birds flit from feeder to feeder and sing.  two Robin Red Breast came this morning to check out the feeder.  a beautiful pair of Bluebirds have been here for a week or so, the pigions and the large black birds and the Cardnial families are flying from tree to tree.  I look over towards the field and there is Cally the Cat sitting on the fence under the Martin's bird house staring up listening to the baby birds.  Mamma bird is at the opening warning Cally away but she is unfazed and just wanting to see the baby birds. Yum, she is thinking...
It's still cool and the sun is hiding behind the rain clouds so I decide to pull some weeds and plant my rooted Angel Begonia leaf in a pot to sit upon my Bakers rack... Ive got several more leaves to root today.  It promises to be a steamy day out later on but I so enjoy sitting here at my computer with my front door open letting the cool morning breeze in and listening to the birds..So Relaxing! I can see the sun trying to peak out from behind the clouds already.  I love springtime in the Smokies.  Well back to reality, my housework is calling... 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's been a while since my last post

A lot has happened since my last post.  I spent the last 2 weeks of January recouping from the stomach flu.  Oh boy did that sap my strength.  Then on Jan 31st my youngest brother passed away after a short illness.  I flew back to upstate NY to be with my older brother and the family and spent two weeks there.  The weather for the month of February was very uncooperative and winter came there with extreme cold weather for the eastern coast with storms blowing thru leaving much snow and cold Minnesota weather the full two weeks I was there.  On my return home another storm hit the central states bringing Icy, Cold & wet weather with lots of snow...  I had flight cancellations both going and coming home and even had to spend a night at my friend Sally's house before I left and on my way home I spent a night in DC due to the Weather. When I finally was able to fly into Knoxville I was met with a frozen landscape, the trees heavy laden with Ice, and the roads treacherous.

A Wintry Scene of  Icy Trees &  A Snow covered Fireplace
I spent the night at Sally's house again and with the threat of frigid weather and frozen pipes I was able to make it down her hill and get home the next day before more snow came... the Temps went very low that night and I was fearful about possible frozen pipes.  I let my faucets drip thru the night and most of the next day and did not have a problem but my neighbor wasn't as lucky.

I arrived home to my humble abode greeted by my bare Christmas tree and 3 boxes of ornaments yet to be packed away, 3 wreaths sitting on the floor in front of my desk and my kitchen table piled high with paperwork needing to be sorted and put away!  Just like I had left it... Oh well. The next week was followed by more Cold and Snow.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The past few days have been a bust for me.

This past weekend was very nice, Sunday was pleasant and monday I attended BOL (Bags of Love is a group were we make quilts for children in need)  and enjoyed the companionship of my friends.  I had a lot of plans for the day but decided to go home after the meeting feeling a bit tired.  Arriving home I started to take the ornaments off my little tree and pack them away. put in a load of laundry and got ready to watch the new episode of the Bachelor.  Feeling hungry I prepared a frozen dinner and ate it with gusto... Well it was all down hill from there like a train going down a mountain without brakes... I began to feel terrible! my stomach was rumbling and I needed to be in the bathroom more than I could say.... I spent the rest of my evening in misery  - it progressed rapidly to full blown stomach, cramps, diarrhea, and later vomiting.... I was in the throws of food poisoning or a very bad reaction to MSG!  Tuesday and Wednesday went by in a blur between bed and bathroom by Thursday I began feeling better and I read the ingredient label on the box of my frozen dinner.  No hidden msg there... Food Poisoning!  Oh am I mad... When I am feeling up to venturing out I plan on taking the remaining boxes of frozen food back to Walmart and demand a refund or store credit... and you won't see me buying any frozen entree's from them again... Today I am going to Call Marie Callender's and let them know about what happened to me after eating their Sweet and Sour Chicken.  I am very picky about my frozen foods and use a cooler for transport between store and home so I know that my foods did not defrost while in transit from my store to home.  It had to have happened somewhere between the plant and the store...  

I have missed some very crucial days in my Studio unable to work on planned spring projects that have a deadline... feeling much better today, will continue cleanup and freshen my bathroom and bedroom... I've got to get down my winter quilt anyway and it's time for my flannel sheet's.  The weather here in East Tennessee has been COLD!  It is 14 degrees out right now and on Wed eve it did go below freezing.  I did leave my faucets open a crack to prevent freezing since my pipes are not that well protected from the low temps.  Brrrrrrr I can view the cattle in the field behind my home grazing on the frost covered grass as the sun slowly rises over the mountains in the Front of my home.... looking forward to a great day....  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 is almost over and 2015 looms on the Horizon, in just three more days it will be New Year's Day.  New Year's will be here before we know it and a new year will be beginning.  What a wonderful time of year.  I love the start of the new year.  January is the month I like to take time to reorganize things around me.  I enjoy my Christmas Decorations and usually leave them up for a week or two more.  My move to East Tennessee has brought a wonder about all things Tennessee.  I am really enjoying my New Home.  I enjoy meeting new friends and getting to know what this area has to offer me.  At this time of the year I do miss my family back in Wisconsin and Minnesota and across the country, I sent them my Love.  I am so glad for Social Media such as Facebook because it gives me a way to enjoy seeing my family as they grow and do special things with each other.  I just recently discovered Skype.. Oh' what a Joy.  I was able to talk with my family face to face in real time on Christmas Day.  I was so excited Christmas Morn to talk to my Daughter Nancy, she and I had set it up to use Skype on Christmas Day.  Oh' what a great gift I felt I had given myself by putting it on my computer and phone.  It was wonderful.  I felt like a delighted child opening my bestest Christmas Present.  I could not contain my Joy! I have to laugh at myself but that's OK, at my age of 70+ a bit of Joy is welcome.  lol

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Golden Trees and Firey hedges on my drive along 25/70  Dandridge TN Nov 2014
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Family & Friends, May your day be blessed with love and warmth and may your home be surrounded by the enticing aromas of the season. To all of you who are traveling may the Angels be with you and keep you safe in your travels.
I smell the aroma of Pumpkin Pie being made in my kitchen, how about yours. You all are in my Heart, Thoughts and Prayers as we go thru this Blessed Holiday Season 
Memories of  a Snowy Winter Morn in Wisconsin - a familiar drive from N Hudson Wisconsin toward  downtown Hudson on 35South/6th St.

Today I will spend Thanksgiving with my New Friends and Neighbors Here in Newport TN.  I am thankful for this beautiful area of the country I now call home.  Even tho I am far from my family geographically I am close in my Love for them all.  The weather her right now is 42 degrees with the promise of being in the 50's tomorrow.  The sun set early last night on a golden world of almost de-leafed trees.  The Autumn here has been lovely and very pleasant, with the countryside displaying hues of golden to soft orange leaves to bright and beautiful bushes with brilliant red leaves & the warm browns of the grasses that grow in the fields.  The mountains continue thier colorful display.  

The three trees standing in my front yard have slowly turned from green to a muted purple and the Birds that are at my feeders are the Cardinals and the songbirds.  I enjoy the brilliant red feathers of the Male Cardinals.  Occasionally a flock of blackbirds will come thru lighting en-mase on my front lawn to pick at it, flitting back and forth to my neighbors yard and mine. 

I received a package from my youngest girl with a card and an ornament to remind me of what the Holiday Season looks like back in Wisconsin & Minnesota with the snow softly surrounding the landscape and on the rooftops.  

- Love to all - MOMO

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My World Has Turned Golden

A Golden Sunset on my Tennessean Home
Driving into Dandridge Tennessee Nov. 6th 2014

My world has turned golden, autumn has come to the valley here in eastern Tennessee.  To my delight I hadn't missed Autumn here in Tennessee at all.  After returning home from a visit with my children in Minnesota and Wisconsin I thought I had missed my 1st autumn here in my new home.  I had spent the the last 2 1/2 weeks of October in Western Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota were the autumn colors were in full bloom when I had arrived.   The trees and bushes displayed their autumn colors of bright golds, rich reds and dark tans.  The homes were all decorated too.  I enjoyed seeing the trees in bloom with colors the 1st week I was there and saddened by the sudden loss of all this spectacular color as the leaves descended to the ground leaving the tree trunks a bare stony brown.  I had taken a picture of the tree in front of my daughter's house in full autumn regalea Saturday (October 18th) only to wake up the next day to a nearly bare tree because it had Hiccuped all its leaves onto the ground leaving a large pile of leaves under the almost bare tree.    

A Golden Autumn in Tennessee

Friday, October 31, 2014

Saturday night "Farkle" with my friends, Sunday Church and a Party!

I enjoyed spending Saturday morning with my daughter Nan and going to IKEA was a bonus for me. Then my 2 Sons, Mike & Raymond came over for a short visit.  That evening I went over to play a game of "Farkle" with my Friends, Phyllis, her Husband sonny, Bunny, Traci & Gayle, I missed not seeing Wendy or Deb but both of them could not make it.   I came home a bit late (about 1:30) to find my grandson Johnny up and waiting for me to make sure I got back safe.  He and I sat up till after 2:30 talking.  It was a nice end to a very nice day.

Sunday I went to my "home" church - 1st Baptist in Hudson WI.  I enjoyed seeing all my old friends and getting a lot of warm hugs from them.  I made me realize how much I did miss them... Sunday afternoon was spent in the company of friends at a Wine and appetizer party - it was fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  Bert and Sue and Nan's friends. a very nice evening.

What a wonderful visit I had with my friends and family

Zuri & Little James outside of Applebee's 
well Halloween is here! it's the 31st of October and the last day here in Hudson Wisconsin.  I had an enjoyable visit with my friends and family.  I arrived here Thursday the 16th about 5pm and have been running full blast till yesterday the 30th!  I drove into town about 5pm - stopped at Kwik Trip, filled the tank with gas and washed the bugs off my car, then over to North Hudson to my daughter Nan's home.  We went out to Applebees for supper with Nan, Zuri, Thomas and my Grandson Johnny and his little one James...  Here is a picture of my Grandaughter Zuri and her little cousin James playing around the statues outside of Applebee's in Woodbury.